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Freedom comes with a price and the will to survive

Test 1 : I tested this Level 4 Ceramic Breast Plate with Pistol caliber kevlar behind it and a piece of two inch foam to simulate the human body.

Myself and a friend I shoot with weekly who is a Major of Military Police had a great time testing the integirty of this balistic plate. Totaly incredible the amount of inpact it took from our large caliber rifles.

AR-15 using 5.56 Nato, SOCOM using 308 Sprinfield, Remington 700 using 30-06; 180grain bullet and British Enfield using 303 Brit, 180grain bullet..

Tested for a friend at a American Services and Products ( Tactical and Military Supplies Company)


Test 2 : This was a Level lll Kevlar add-on Plate with a Kevlar Trauma Soft Plate. We used a two inch thick foam backing to simulate a live subject and absorb the energy.

This test was done at seven yards with: 44 magnum Anaconda, 44 magnum Desert Eagle, 45 Long Colt Ruger, 10 MM Smith & Wesson and a 357 magnum Desert Eagle.

Again myself and my friend from the Military Police have demonstated the ammount of energey this product from ASAP-Safety can withstand!!! ( American Services and Products ) Military and Pollice Supplies.

by: David Ketchum / Dave's Outdoor Supply LLC. 07/21/2016

Getting Sandy Ellis on target for the first time.

Sandy took the Concealed Firearms Class with Dave's Outdoor Supply LLC

Sandy wasn't sure about firearms and if she really wanted to carry a firearm for her personal protection. After some laser pistol training an a little confidence building along with some assurance that her decision is a life saving and life changing choice.

I started Sandy off with a couple different 22LR pistols Sandy was hitting what I call center mass at ten yards. As seen in the picture Sandy not only was hitting the 81/2 x 11" paper; she hit more than half of her shots in the black shot-n-see and even hit the bullseye.

This was a good day for Sandy, and her Father that also learned to use his firearm with precision and overcame his eye dominance issues.

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